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Principal - Kristy Brown

Assistant Principal - Jay Halfacre

On Thursday, November 13th Jackson County High School welcomed several visitors. Students from Maplewood High School, Clay County High School, Monterey High School, and Pickett County High School came and spent time with the students at JCHS. The Move To Stand Club, which is an anti-bullying club paired their students up with students from all of the other high school and they did many different activities to help the students better understand others of different backgrounds. The students also participated in a service project to help members of our local communities during the Thanksgiving holidays. Students at JCHS have been bringing food for a week for the clubs to divide and take to the needy of their respected communities. This day was a huge success and we greatly appreciate all of the attending schools and the Move to Stand club for organizing this event.
Jackson County High School and Maplewood High School -  Diversity Days 2013 - 2014

Jackson County High School in Gainesboro, TN hosted a first-of-its-kind event Tuesday, January 29. Described as a historical moment, Diversity Day brought together students from two high schools that appear on the surface to be vastly different. Jackson County High School serves a rural community and nearly all of its students are white. Maplewood High School serves the inner city of Metropolitan Nashville and most of its students are African-American. But the students learned from their experience that they are very much alike in many ways. Although they look different on the surface these students found that people who make the effort to get to know one another will find that they have a lot in common.


The program was conceived at a school leadership conference in the fall of 2012 where Jackson County teachers Brandon Cross and Kent Shepherd were presenting a seminar on improving student scores on the ACT. Dr. Ron Woodard, Principal of Maplewood High School, attended their presentation and approached them about planning a project that would bring their students together in an effort to improve student scores at both schools. While comparing the factors that influence student scores, it became apparent that both schools have a high rate of poverty among their students. Both schools have also been developing Move 2 Stand Clubs, organizations to help reduce the incidence of bullying, and coincidentally both anti-bullying groups are associated with Stars Nashville, a school-based student assistance program. With these common traits in mind Dr. Woodard, JCHS principal Charles Breidert, and Stars Nashville VP of Youth Development Eric Johnson began working out the details of the first Diversity Day visit.


At 6:15 Tuesday morning 42 students and several faculty members from Maplewood boarded a bus in Nashville for the 90 mile trip to Gainesboro. When they arrived at JCHS they were greeted by the local Move 2 Stand Club and escorted into the gym. Following introductory remarks the students engaged in warm-up activities that were designed to get them comfortable with each other.


During the week before the meeting the groups exchanged video introductions of each member and based on common interests each student was assigned a peer partner from the other group. The pairs of partners then took a quick tour of JCHS and went to classes. At the end of the class period the students returned to the gym where they were regrouped and given an assignment to complete while working through lunch which was prepared and served by faculty and staff members at JCHS. The lunch assignment was designed to help the students recognize the barriers that allow people to bully others without fear of intervention and to help them develop strategies to overcome those barriers and stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.


After lunch the kids from both schools participated in a large group activity called “cross the line.” This is an emotionally moving activity that helps participants examine their innermost feelings and develop empathy for the feelings of others. As the afternoon progressed, the students continued to grow more comfortable with each other and could be seen comforting and supporting their friends both old and new.


Before the Maplewood contingent loaded the bus for their return to Nashville, the entire student body of Jackson County High School assembled in the gym. Several of the Move 2 Stand members from each school shared their experiences of the day. Then the Maplewood students joined the JCHS students in the bleachers and did “the wave” with the crowd swaying from one end of the gym to the other. Everyone that was involved in the Diversity Day activities, students and adults, believed that there was a positive benefit of participating.


Jackson County students and faculty visited Maplewood on Tuesday, February 12th. The students from Jackson County were greeted outside by the Maplewood students and their ROTC. The students and faculty of Maplewood were wonderful hosts to all of the Jackson County Students and Faculty. They participated in many activities similar to the ones at JCHS. Each school is hoping to be able to continue their communication and hopefully be able to visit again next year.